The tea bag was invented over a hundred years ago. Ever since, tea drinkers have had a problem: Where to put the wet teabag after use? Well, for us the answer is simple... just hide it somewhere where it really belongs to, back into the pouch where it came from!






STEABAG® helps you to enjoy your teatime Spotless!


  1. Tear open the STEABAG® pouch using the notch provided
  2. Take the tea bag from the STEABAG®
  3. Steep the tea for few minutes
  4. After tea is ready, place the used wet tea bag back into the STEABAG®
  5. Fold the pouch and throw to compost
Now the soaked tea bag is hidden out of sight in the fully watertight Stand Up Pouch. You can enjoy your tea without worrying about stains on the tablecloth! After use, the biodegradable STEABAG® can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.





The stand up position will increase brand visibility and recognition of your tea brand.  For all inquiries, we wish you to see our contact information (here)