We have started co-operation with Greenmasters Middle East to offer our customers more value and bring awareness to global issues that are important to all of us. Even though our products are different, we are like-minded what it comes to environmental consciousness. We are also both international and innovative companies, sharing Finnish roots.

One of our most vital resource in the world is clean water, which there is not enough. Some areas suffer from extensive heat and dryness, making farming challenging and expensive since there is only limited amount of water available. Greenmasters Middle East’s product Greenfain WP3 is 100 percent biodegradable and helps to save water in the areas where climate causes challenges. By using Greenfain WP3 mixed in the regular irrigation water, the farmer will save in needed irrigation water 30-60 %, fertilizers and energy. The plant will be healthier, which will decrease the need of pesticides.

Greenfain WP3 consist only of organic components and is based on a mixture created in Finland. It is a product with very small molecular dimensions, enabling it to penetrate fast, efficiently and evenly into soil, taking irrigation water and oxygen directly to the plant’s roots. The product is totally free from soap-based surfactants, which makes it dissolve and degrade without any problems also in cold conditions. In addition, it will not accumulate salt or soap deposits in waterways, soils or sediments nor damage roots or ground cover.

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Cucumber trial in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

39 day Cucumber trial in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2012.

Average temperature +45 degrees celsius. Season’s conditions usually not favourable for growing cucumbers

Results of trial:

Comparison trial without Greenfain WP3

No cucumbers grew to harvest.

Greenfain WP3 trial.

Three crops of normal cucumbers were harvested during trial.

-50% less water compared to reference.

-30% less fertilizers compared to reference.