As Finns, nature is important for us. We want to practice our business in a way that supports sustainable development. Since the Spotless Tea Bag was established, we knew from the very beginning that the desire for spotlessness should not be at the expenses of the environment. First we struggled with the material that would not come with a nature-harming price tag and it took some time, but eventually with the help of same-minded associates we are proud to say that Steabags can be environmentally friendly.




Most of the tea plantations in the world are located in developing countries. We want to be responsible where ever our business takes us, whether it was on Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania or Americas, the working conditions of the tea labourers has to be in the globally accepted levels. We do not tolerate any use of child labour or slavery in the tea producers we are recommending. The Finnish organization Finnpartnership has granted us twice the Business Partnership Support, which is financial support for the planning, development and training phases of projects aimed at establishing commercial activity in developing countries, or starting to import from developing countries. (Finnpartnership.fi)
This support has made it possible for us to identify possible tea suppliers in Asia and Africa. Our focus is to identify more suppliers in various countries. The terms of the support demand us to contribute positive developmental effects in our target countries, and we are more than willing to make sure it will happen.